About our Projects and Customers

FullCircle Communications, in operation since 2006, brings directly applicable experience with multiple customers. Please reach out anytime at or (202) 643-4299 to discuss your specific requirements-set.


CyberSecurity / Assessment:

US Air Force RPA Energy Mission Impact Study. Contract #HQ0034-14-C-0209. As a subcontractor to this effort, FullCircle assisted with crosswalking the Air Force Energy Security Framework to the RPA kill chain to assess threats and vulnerabilities to the power supply as well as to propose risk mitigation recommendations. This information intended to be used to tie operational energy risks to mission impacts for remotely operated missions. The outcomes of this effort intended to inform and to help prioritize mission resilience measures in a budget constrained environment.

Engineering / Engineering Support Services:

US Navy SPAWAR PMW 240. Contract #N00039-16-D-0004. As a named subcontractor to the Prime, FullCircle performed a stringent Requirements Analysis for a planned iteration to a critical Navy-wide software. This entailed workflow analysis, lexical development, use case analysis, developer-team facilitation, and transition of existing and new requirements into the IBM Rational DOORS database for tracking, team updating, use case, and test.

Analyzing Data

Public Affairs / Program Assessment & Implementation:

US CENTCOM CCCI PAO Audit and Assessment.  Contract #GS04T11DBC0053. As a named subcontractor to the Prime, servicing USCENTCOM’s Public Affairs Commanders Coordinated Communications Integration Initiative (CCCI), FullCircle performed gap analysis, market research and polling; and researched, created, and implemented a systematic recommendation and roadmap to CCCI Leadership on how to quantify the work experience, and qualitative data collected by, the CCCI’s Digital Engagement Team. This work entailed double-loop analysis to perform initial needs assessment; gap analysis, internal (military) and external (commercial) evaluations; bibliographic research; business use-case rule evaluation, development, and promulgation; project bounding; formal polling using various modalities; quality-assurance and best-practices in polling; identifying “soft skills” and baking them into standard operating procedures (SOP); summary reporting; and development and maintenance of a desktop users’ manual.  The work also included to design and maintain throughputs to other critical stakeholders. FullCircle designed, developed, and delivered an actionable deliverable that was implemented in a dynamic process environment.

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