Contracting Vehicles

Contracting Vehicles – SeaPort-E

FullCircle Communications is a Prime contract awardee to the U.S. Navy’s SPAWAR SeaPort-E multiple-award contract (MAC).

Start Date : July 26, 2016
Contract Number: N0017816D8745
Task Orders to date: 0
Click Here for more information about our subcontract work to the U.S. Navy, SPAWAR PMW 240

Contracting POC:

Contracts Administrator
FullCircle Communications Detroit Office
32406 Franklin Road Unit 250344
Franklin, MI 48025
(202) 643-4299

CAGE: 4CJZ9 | DUNS: 622998420 | EIN:  20-4427488

  • Functional Performance in SPAWAR Defined Requirements Areas:
  • Research and Development Support -1
  • Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support -2
  • System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support – 5
  • Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support – 8
  • Information System, Information Assurance, and Information Technology Support – 12
  • Training Support – 18
  • Functional and Administrative Support - 21
  • Public Affairs and Multimedia Support – 22

Zones: All

  • Zone 1 - Northeast Zone
  • Zone 2 - National Capital Zone
  • Zone 3 - Mid Atlantic Zone
  • Zone 6 - Southwest Zone
  • Zone 7 - Northwest Zone

Team Member: Critical Informatics, LLC
Bremerton, WA

Our Risk Mitigation Strategy:

Great work starts with great people. FullCircle Communications, LLC, is a firm that performs to excellence within its scope of services. We know that high-achieving professionals are also high-performers who demonstrate leadership, and service, in all of their endeavors. Thus, we achieve technical acuity and depth of experience by requiring extensive qualifications and long professional experience. Because we are highly current in our specialties, well networked and knowledgeable, we established our strict professional qualifications parameters with great confidence.

We emphasize a qualifications-based approach from mature practitioners. We are able to Team with, hire, and/or contract, professionals who have:

  • Appropriate professional certifications (such as CISSP, or NIH’s Human Subjects Research License)
  • Academic qualifications (such as PhDs and Masters’ degrees, along with industry-specific certifications)
  • Deep professional engagement throughout FullCircle’s spectrum of services-offered
  • Professionally-equivalent experience from Veterans with in-field experience of more than 4 years (MOS)

This qualifications-based approach means that we can ensure excellence along with the lowest-risk performance.  We further lower risk by putting significant resources against a healthy workplace and a healthy workforce.

A critical component of successful performance on Task Orders is to be able to identify and to mitigate factors that may jeopardize or diminish outcomes. FullCircle approaches all work by identifying and working to reduce known risks in a variety of ways. Risk identification is conducted for performance risk factors; physical risk factors; and financial risk factors.
IT / Asset Failure

IT Backup / Redundancy Planning

Planning Implementation

Subcontractor NonPerformance or Default

FullCircle’s SME’s are able to take over for any subcontractor should they be unable to perform to task.

Planning Implementation and replacement of nonperforming subcontractor  with direct-hire by FullCircle.

Team/Contractor NonPerformance or Default
  1. Intentionally redundant
  2. FullCircle maintains robust network of highly qualified SMEs external to this project

Planning Implementation to include potential SME replacement using FullCircle’s network of professional resources.

Work deficiency
  1. Using known and accepted scientific/ academic best-practices including human subject research protocols.
  2. Using appropriately credentialed team members
  3. Robust and relevant past performance  mitigates potential for work deficiency
  4. SCRUM/Agile work methodology
  5. QA surveillance at all work phases
  6. Close collaboration with Customers

Planning implementation.

"Scope Drift” or mid-term requirements change
Project implementation includes tight bounding, accurate definitions and condensed delivery items derived from close collaboration with Customer.

Planning Implementation.

Financial Risk
FullCircle uses GAAP protocols, has external accountancy and will have an external 3rd party audit of invoices and consultant timecards at 50% and contract closeout for all contracts over $250,000.

Planning Implementation.

FullCircle will obtain and implement an inventory management system when required by Tasking.

Planning Implementation.


CAGE: 4CJZ9 DUNS: 622998420 EIN: 20-4427488